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3Q MRC Programmes

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3Q MRC Puchong Programmes

3Q MRC Junior whole brain education provides 11 different subjects according to the age group.

1. 3Q English

English plays an important role for human interaction and communication. At 3Q MRC, the 3Q English subject developes the right brain of a child, thus enhancing concentration, memory and imagination skills. Children can improve their writing skills and lay a strong foundation for the English language.

3Q English uses an activity-based approach to develope a child's English language skill. It is systematically, yet creatively designed with a range of special activities such as sing-along and rhymes, word recognition, story telling sessions, and games. The carefully designed programme will deal with vocabulary and grammar.

2. 3Q Bahasa Malaysia

The 3Q Bahasa Malaysia Programme is to encourage children to learn to love our "Bahasa Kebangsaan". Children will be exposed to the national language at a tender age.

3. 3Q Chinese

Through 3Q Chinese we activate the multiple intelligences of the children and improve thier EQ, and creativity. We not only teach children how to speak and read, but also recite famous poems. The Chinese language has a history of almost five thousand years. Mandarin has become more and more important mainly because of its economic value.

4. 3Q Mathematics

Mathematics learning builds on children's curiosity and enthusiasm. It challenges children to explore ideas about patterns and relationships, order and predictability, as well as logic and meaning.

Understanding the concept of number is fundamental to mathematics. Children move from basic counting techniques to the understanding of number, size, relationship and operation. Children also learn to organise their world by recognising patterns. They then gradually begin to use patterns as a strategy for problem-solving, forming generalisations, and developing the concepts of number, operation, shape, and space.

Measurement and geometry will also be learned by children in this course. They will be able to name and to recognise the properties of various shapes and figures, to use words that indicate direction, and to use spatial reasoning to analyse and solve problems. As children recognise similarities and differences, they begin to recognise patterns that lead them to form generalisations. Children can actively involve themselves in collecting, sorting, organising, and communicating information.

5. 3Q Science

Young children are natural scientists, but do you know how they discover the world in which they live? Children participate in simple investigations that help them to develop the skills of asking questions, gathering information, communicating findings, and making informed decision. Children enter the class with many pre-conceptions about constructed world ideas that they have gained from prior experiences. Meaningful science learning experiences help children to investigate those pre-existing ideas while forming a foundation for additional knowledge.

Science processes use senses to gather information, and make tentative statements about events and relationships. Children can test their observations and draw the conclusion.
With the advanced facilities of 3Q MRC Junior, 3Q Science allows children to learn and acquire elementary knowledge in science. Children learn to concentrate, observe, and be innovative. Thus, they have the exposure to interact with the earth, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

6. 3Q Moral

Children are born without knowing the difference between good and bad. It is the environment that changes children into different type of personalities. The best time to teach a child is from age 3, when he/she is able to listen and speak. With the purpose to develop a noble personality, 3Q Moral teaches the children on how to speak politely as well as to think and act rationally. Puchong Kindergarten teaches this course as part of the 3Q MRC syllabus. The children will learn and benefit from 3Q Moral and will always be willing to learn, to ask, and to help others.

7. 3Q Smart Me

The 3Q Smart Me activities at Puchong Kindergarten give the children an understanding of thier environment and how it works. The children enjoy all types of work. They enjoy keeping the environment beautiful for all to use. This work builds the child's self-esteem, thus, making him/her feel that he/she is of value.

In the school and at home, adults must never complain about their work in front of the child. At a young age he/she learns by imitating the adult. If adults dislike work, the child will learn that all types of work are to be avoided. The preschooler will apply this to school learning as well as manual skills. We must bring the children up to enjoy all forms of work. They will imitate us closely. We must enjoy what we are doing in front of them.

These activities must be taken seriously and taught seriously. The children in our care are preparing for maturity. When fully grown up they will probably take on the responsibilities of a home and family. From the beginning then, one of the first aims is to raise children with the skill to do this well.

8. 3Q Art and Craft

Art is an integral part of child development and child growth. Through art and appropriate art activities, we help children to understand the world around them and learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively so as to interact confidently, spontaneously and effortlessly in their journey through life.

This programme is planned for enjoyment and with enrichment of children's experience in mind. It is craft-based and encompasses meaningful and purposeful activities which are continuous and progressive in learning. Most importantly, we promote the transfer of learning so that skills and concepts learnt are not compartmentalised.

Our drawing and painting lessons use the most up-to-date and effective techniques of learning to draw using the right hemisphere of the brain.

The syllabus fosters and develops children's knowledge, skill and values through the creating of art, understanding the principles and techniques of art, as well as the appreciation of art. We also stress on the understanding, love and support of our national aspirations and culture such as patriotism, tolerance and solidarity through selected themes and titles of art activities.

Objectives of 3Q Art and Craft:

  1. To enhance creativity.
  2. To improve concentration and endurance.
  3. To foster systematic development of ideas.
  4. To promote transfer of learning skill.
  5. To apply right brain drawing methods.

9. 3Q Music

Music is often referred to as the most mathematical and the most abstract of the arts. In 3Q MRC Puchong, children explore to music. It is believed that children, who learn music will know how to appreciate music, express their feelings and grow up to become a total person with intrinsic values.

Their ability to appreciate music will instill many other positive moral attitudes. It is truly one of the most valuable skills they can developed. Ensemble rehearsals bring the opportunities for them to sharpen a vital skill that can make a very obvious positive difference in their life.

At 3Q MRC Puchong, children are taught to play simple musical instruments. The syllabus covers not only the music but as well as their bodily kinesthetic ability (dancing). Besides enjoying the fun of music lessons, they also undergo training of confidence and appreciation of others.

10. 3Q Physical Education

At 3Q MRC Junior, we emphasise on the well-balanced development of a child. In this session, children learn some basic bodily coordinating skills progressively.

Aerobic activity is the most popular physical exercise because it is believed that children will grow up to be more cheerful and confident.

Besides gaining good physical health, they also sharpen their personalities and become self-disciplined individuals.

11. 3Q Circle Time

3Q MRC Junior has specially designed a series of group activities for circle time. Our objectives are to help children to feel at ease with others, to exchange ideas and to participate in various activities. They will turn out to be more confident and have self-reliance.

The above are the introduction to our courses. If you would like to find out more about the 3Q MRC whole brain education, you can contact us to schedule a 30 minutes one to one preview session.
3Q MRC Junior™ programme contents are provided by our MRC™ home centre. All rights reserved by Mind Research Consultant™ Sdn Bhd.

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